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Saturday, March 19, 2011

You are the Prototype

By Judah

What if she's the one?...” ~Andre 3000

The idea of the “one” is the hope that all consider or believe at the start of or through the course of a relationship. This idea also allows those who may not have yet found a significant other to have faith that there is one human being on the face of this billion plus populated planet that is a person perfect for them.

This hope has a direct impact on the person’s energy level. Either you can see it as an act of density, which is not a bad way to go--or you can see it as the worst odds in human history.

I personally don’t feel as though there is a “one.” Does that mean I don’t believe in true love? It’s possible someone can see it that way. But I like to think my odds are better than the idea of finding the one, and I hope that others can see my logic behind it. When it comes to matters of the heart, people for the most part put rational and logic to the wayside. Love is love right?

So lets put some logic into this discussion.

According to World Bank, there are about 6,775,235,741 living in the world give or take a few thousand.

Saying out of all of these people represented there is only one person who can complement you in every way is a huge leap of faith.

What if the person who is considered the one dies in a plane crash the year before you are supposed to meet?

What if they decide to settle instead of waiting for you?

This romantic idea has some huge flaws!

First, while engulfed with the pheromones the state of love brings, our perception of reality isn’t always the most reliable. Thinking a person is the one and he or she isn’t is dangerous. The expectation bar of someone who is thought to be the one isn’t realistic. And when that relationship fails, it can leave you with some serious questions that cannot be answered with this way of thinking. Bottom line, it isn’t healthy.

Second, going into relationships expecting to find the one can bring more strain and disappointment than necessary. Relationships and dating should be light and fun. They should be without pressure or lofty expectations.

I like to think I am a realist, and as a result, I subscribe to the thought that there are multiple ones.

In the 600 plus billion people on this earth, I think there are 1000 people that can be considered the one for you. These people are the ones who complement you in everyone way regardless of the type of person you are. If you like feeding the homeless, she will understand and appreciate that. If you like stripping, he will get the tip jar rolling so the other tricks can follow. Perfect synergy. These people are in the 100 percentile.

Then you have those with 80 to 90 percent of the qualities you desire. They could be 100 percent of the things you want physically, but only 60 percent of the mental aspect of what you need or vice-versa. Now there could be 100,000 people with these attributes. Not the total package, but enough in common to make the relationship work.

And this trend continues as you have less and less in common. Point being, in life there are many people on this earth that have the capacity to be considered your match, mate, partner, rider, and the idea is to keep it light until you stumble across each other.


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