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"We are the sum total of our life experience."

    I'm currently living in Northern VA (DMV) where I'm working and furthering my career.  It's the first time I am truly away from friends and family so I'm looking at this as a journey.  Along the way I've experienced a great deal and thought I might share the things I have learned about the world in a sense.  You're constantly being conditioned on how to eat, drink, sleep and think.  My goal is just to make to make you think.  Draw up your own conclusions.

    I love what I do.  I work within a field in which I meet people from all over the world who are as diverse as they come.  There a few things I am passionate about.  I love building with people on what they feel, think, or believe.  Second I love boxing; the sweet science.  My dream is to one day walk into a gym and have an amateur fight and retire undefeated.  Will it happen? Maybe.  But if it does I can scratch one thing off the bucket list and on to the next.      


"Just another black man caught up in the mix. Trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents."

I'm a few years removed from college living in a completely new area for the first time. On top of that, I'm playing the newlywed game and trying to understand those changes that occur when going from boyfriend to husband. I have a lot of goals, but right now I'd say I'm trying to make my way the best I know how. I make a pretty good living, have good friends and am always trying to get better.

Outside of work and husbandly duties I have three loves; travel, technology and sports--in no particular order. Since I work hard, I also play hard. I figure that if I'm going to spend a huge chunk of my life working, it's a waste of life not to reap the benefits of my efforts. I'm an open book, so I hope this little blog project gives you a sense of me as a person and allows us to learn a little bit about each other.