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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's start the conversation

By 2 Cent Tab
Pull up a chair and allow us to welcome you to what we hope to be an ongoing conversation. Today you’re bombarded with news, thoughts and opinions that have a way of shaping the way you think and feel. Every little variable counts and plays a role in our conditioning.

The two of us go back for some years, and whenever we get together have a tendency to build on everything that makes us human in this funny game we call life. Life; love and war, money, sex, religion, politics, human nature--everything that makes up the human condition. We hope to share with you our humble opinions on a consistent basis to provoke some good dialogue, share some game that we’ve picked up and maybe teach something along the way.

We need you to do the same. This blog serves as an open ended forum for whatever is on your mind. We’re starting the conversation with our posts, but aren’t here to preach or claim that our thoughts are the end all be all.

We’re sharing our two cents and hope for you to show us the other side of the coin.
Leave some feedback early and often and we can watch this thing grow into something beautiful. Allow this to be a constant source for some food for thought, and allow us to pick up the tab.


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