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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge...

After watching this video I laughed harder than I have in the last year of my life. I don’t know what it is about a kid snapping and power bombing another kid on the concrete...

So this kid is chilling with people around him and the video camera is already on and ready to film. It’s obvious that this bully wanted to tape this ass whopping he was about to lace on this chunky kid.

The chucky kid is soft and he really doesn’t want to fight anyone. But you can tell he has watched Dragonball Z a few times in his life by the way he’s blocking those body shots. But in a split second, he realizes that he is sick of this crap and wants to prove a point.

He’s sick and tired of being sick and tired!

So when the moment opens itself, up he grabs the bully and drops him on his head. Everyone is in shock and rightfully so at this time. The kid snapped. Everyone has their breaking point and that’s what humans fail to realize.

One time I was driving my car home from a hard day’s work and this woman cut me off on the interstate and gave me the bird while she was at it. I showed restraint, but if I didn’t it could have ended up really bad. It was the kind of bad situation from which I would have rammed my car into her bumper and taken both of us over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel…Of course that didn’t happen, but you should always watch out who you are talking to and how to speak to them. Everyone has a breaking point.

Another time I was at Hooter’s with some friends and this guy who is always around finds a way to say some racist things in my presence. Now I don’t have a loud tattoo or t-shirt that says Zulu, Shabazz, Azatic or any other pro black affiliations. I’d like to think I am a human before I’m black.

Well, I was chilling there shooting the breeze with friends and having a good time, when this guy says, “I hate seeing black people wear that style.” Now this is coming from a guy who is a second generation American who comes from a whole different style of culture--but still, I was taken aback. Anyways, I snapped just as the chunky kid did. I slapped him at first. Everyone was kind of in shock, as they should have been. Then he came towards me and I smashed him in the face. He needed to know my ears wouldn’t tolerate that.

Ever since that night I haven’t heard anything racial from him or that group of people. The main reason being I love myself and they see that now.


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