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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power suit, Power Tie, Power Steering

By Judah

Communication is more than just the words that come out of your mouth on a daily basis. The things we don’t say often speak louder than the things we do say, whether it be a jester, posture, and one’s overall look. Appearance is just as, if not more important than the things we say.


Whether you’re at a club, work, church, or the gym; how you dress says a lot about how you will be judged and perceived. Yes…we all have to come to the realization the people are judgmental and that is the world we live in. You can attempt to fight the system but at the end of the day there is no way around not playing the game.

When you’re at work, what you wear will to a point account for the respect that you will get. When you go to a club, depending upon what is considered fashionable, you will be judged on how fly or how lame you look. Even at church; we would all hope that we are not judged, but if you come to the alter wearing some holes in your jeans, people are going to have their own thoughts and opinions about it. It’s a fact of life. Lastly, the gym; people may not want to admit it, but the gym is used to at some degree show off that body. It is the vainest place imaginable.


Every culture has a different belief on what a groomed man should look like but are talking about the average everyday American with this example. Facial hair is not an issue, but if you’re going to grow it out keep it tight by shaping it up. Wearing the Officer Ricky at a job interview will not pan out well, I’m sure. Keep the breath fresh by daily attention to detail of your mouth and gums. Also fellas, this may hurt a bit but you have to know when it’s time for the MJ. If you can’t line it up it’s time for a straight razor.

Physical Traits

Posture is so important in business, as well as socially. If you’re in a board meeting, slouching will give off a lack of respect for the meeting and yourself! If you are on a date, having poor posture affects how the object of your affection may perceive you. Hanging your head down and having lack of eye contact gives off an air of insecurities. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is also not what’s up. Have an air of mystery. [See: Friend Zone]

Body Image

We all have had our times in life from which we know it’s time to hit the gym. It’s a known fact that the most attractive people in the corporate world move up the fastest. Good looking people get promoted. This can be debated but not ignored. But even if that’s not a motivation, keeping your body tight will help you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Trust.

How you look to the outside world has a huge effect of how you come across, how you’re judged and if you’re respected. It’s an important part of our everyday life that is often rejected.


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