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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts on The Adjustment Bureau

The adjustment bureau is a new movie starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Without giving away the plot I thought it was an excellent movie. It was a well developed idea that translated beautifully on the big screen.

The basic premise of the movie has to do with the debate of destiny vs free will.

Destiny is the basic principle that every moment happens for a reason within the grand design of the universe. Everything from the coffee you drink in the morning, to the time you wake up. … Whether you decide to wake up at 6 A.M or hit the snooze button, or if you decide to go for the W and talk to the receptionist down the hall at your job. Everything is predetermined and stamped in stone.

Free will is the thought that as humans we have total control over our lives and nothing is written in stone. Basically, you determine the course of your life and the impact it has on the universe, no matter how big or small an impact.

Personally I believe there is a little of both. There is a significant gray area in my opinion where both of these views merge. I think the Grand Architect of the Universe, God, has a purpose for us all that we can see to fruition. But along the way we may get derailed by that plan and he will put different people and situations in your path to help you get back on course.

In this movie the main character meets a girl as he is running for public office and makes an instant connection. As a result, he can’t get this girl out of his mind, as he’s engulfed in her whole being.

We can all relate to an instant connection. A moment when two people are completely in sync is an intoxicating feeling.

The problem Matt Damon’s character is having is that this woman is not included in his destiny or plan according to the powers that be. So during the course of the movie, he finds this girl at different points of his life and every time he reconnects with this woman fate pulls them apart...literally.

The science of the movie brought by the powers that be suggest that if he stays with this girl he will not be able to become president one day and he will not have the drive within himself to do great things via his determination.

Now I can understand this concept to a degree. When I am in a loving and comfortable relationship things become easier, the overall goals start to fade because you’re happy. You’re OK being who you are because you’re happy. This is the point the powers that be were trying to make to Matt Damon’s character.

I’m not going to give away too much of the movie, but everything from the way he sat, walked, talked or rationalized had a ripple of effect on his entire life. I don’t think that’s a far-off concept or hard to understand. Literally every choice in your life has an effect on the total outcome. The movie taught me to be more conscious of the things I do and to do it now! If you make the best choices now, I’d like to think you can produce some positive ripples within the course of your life.


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