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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good Man vs. The Confused Man

By Samson
There are two kinds of men in the world; The Good Man, a man who is well-rounded and aware, and gets the most out of life, and The Confused Man, the type of man that has been misguided in the ways of manhood, and is still trying to learn the basics. Nobody's perfect, and manhood is a lifetime quest, but there are stark differences between these types of man, which are apparent in some of their actions.

The Good Man is in control of himself and his circumstances. The Confused Man is controlling, and tries to gain control by psuedo aggressive or passive agressive means. He's all bark, no bite, less balls. Instead of laying out his boundaries and goals, and controlling and achieving them, The Confused Man attempts to gain control in his environment by emotional outburst outbursts, pouting or unreasonable tactics. He's the guy who is insecure about his girlfriend so much as speaking to another male (and probably beats her).

The Good Man is in touch with his emotions. The Confused Man is in touch with his feminine side. We all have feelings, but no man should have a feminine side. Sensitive? Sure. A softer side? Of course. But having a feminine side means you express your feelings like a female. Today's new age man buys into a lot of the garbage that encourages you to get in a good cry whenever possible, or be emotionally needy. Everyone has needs, but The Confused Man expresses his in a needy way. You should be secure enough to cry or vent when you need to, but solid enough to not need a ton of emotional crutches and support systems.

Being in touch with your emotions is especially important for the most dangerous male emotionanger. There is no sadder sight than a testosterone fueled being with the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old. The Confused Man sees reckless anger as manly, but this couldn't be further from the truth. A real man can control his anger in day to day situations, because throwing "man tantrums" is just as disgusting as a sniveling punk who cries at the drop of a hat. People get hurt and killed every day due to men who have matured physicially but not emotionally.

The Good Man recognises whores for what they are. The Confused Man whore bashes for a self-esteem boost. If a woman who gets around isn't your wife or daughter, why not just let her live? You'll see a lot of confused men use this fault (If you want to whoreishness a fault. To each his own) to make them feel important because they now have a target they feel greater than, or worth more. 

This is the guy you see leading religious tyrades against a supposed whore a little too enthusiastically, or the one talking reckless to the chick minding her own business but dressed a little too provacotively (or slutty). It's the guy you can't take to Hooters because he says something rude to the waitress (and probably gets everyone's food spit on in the process) or beams the stripper with balled up, crumpled ones instead of tipping like everyone else. I'm not saying you have to turn into a "Captain Save-a-Hoe" by any means, but if youre the guy constantly feeling the need to OD on this type of stuff, that's a you problem.

Bottom line, a good man doesn't have to flex nuts, because he doesn't need to reach in his pants to know they're still there. You got to have a little bit of cavemen in you for sure, but when you don't have security in yourself as a man, you'll always find ways to tell on yourself.


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