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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's Build: The flow of energy

I was taking a walk with my mother the other day as I like to do when I come home from time to time. During these walks we cover all kinds of thoughts and principles. This time, she just felt like lacing me with some positive game.

“Whatever you project out into the world it will come back to you,” she said.
Now I have heard this many times in my younger days, but for whatever reason it sent me into an epiphany like state.

The great philosopher's of the world say that we are all connected in some way, shape or form. Now if you believe this, then you should assume that if we’re all connected, we then have the ability to impose our energy onto others. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, our feelings tend to bleed out into the universe.

This is a very simple build on the laws of attraction. What you project will draw those into your life of like minds and hearts. Now, if you want positive friends, associates and lovers in your life, you gotta project that feeling out into the universe. If you have a dark cloud that always follows you, then I promise you will find your match.

When you are on a positive level things become easier, things happen to go your way, and shit pretty much gets done. If you’re on a negative level you get the opposite.

This can only happen when you ride that flow of energy. A lot of times you’ll hear people say, “Go with the flow.” In my opinion that is a cop out for a follower. When you go with the flow it can be dangerous. The possibility to attracting negative energy will increase. But when you ride the flow you impose your will on it.

While in college I had many odd jobs and one of these jobs was working at a hotel. It wasn’t a bad gig and I met some pretty cool people. This one lady in particular always came to work as if she just had the worst day of her life. Perhaps there were some things going on with her at home that as a co-worker I had no knowledge of. But she would come to work ready to check guests into the hotel and her dark cloud followed. In customer service you can always expect an attitude, disrespect, and people who dismiss you. Seeing the glass half full will do wonders in these cases.

 Unfortunately, while working at this hotel she was unable to project anything positive. The combination of her outlook and the customers demands always sparked intense moments.

“I’m going to need to talk to your manager.”

 If she was able to have a positive outlook, then the guest energy may have improved. Being reprimanded by the General Manager would have decreased, and it might have even bled into her personal life.


Hadassah said...

Very wise your mother is. It is all about the ENERGY we emit and receive. Call it metaphysics, spirituality, quantum physics, etc. As a woman of science and a woman of faith, I do believe energy greatly affects every aspect of our lives. I was explaining this to my mother just the other day in relation to our Christianity and faith.

Check out "Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton

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