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Thursday, March 17, 2011

PQ Move of the Week

By Samson

If you've read the post about PQ, you understand it's importance. Well whenever we find someone who makes a noteworthy "man move," we like to salute them on 2 Cent Tab. I introduce to you our first "PQ Move of the Week" recipient, a poster on the forums.

The poster has been messing around with a new lady friend, and knew recently that it was going to go all the way. He gave himself an edge by using "performance enhancing drugs," so that he knew for sure he'd be on top of his game. It started as an experiment, and you can read for yourself whether that expirement was a success of failure.

You, sir, are a winner. We salute you:

This post is for those that have wondered about the effects of those ED pills commonly advertised. I ran a field experiment, of sorts, on the new girl friend this evening. She and I had never had sex prior to tonight, and she DID NOT know I used a "supplement". Here's my story :

So about 15 months ago I was still married and I thought I'd surprise my now ex wife by experimenting (on her) with levitra - I told my doctor I was curious and he said that many of his patients around my age (27 at the time) were as well, so he wrote me a script for 6, 10mg levitra pills - he referred to these as "test pills".

Shortly after acquiring the test pills, I discovered my ex wife was having an affair (...which absolutely explained her decreased desire to get intimate) and we broke up in the following months. Needless to say, I never got to use one of the pills; I took them with me when I left her skank ass. haha.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. By that time, I had long forgot I had the pills, but coincidentally I was making great progress with a girl I've been seeing for a month now. We had not had sex yet, but a steady base-by-base progression was the norm each weekend.

Last week she was over and while we were fooling around in front of my TV, there came the commercial... "ask your doctor if cialis is right for you..." BOOM, I recalled everything instantly. It was my time. I could finally complete the experiment I so wanted to complete back in 2010.

Fast forward to tonight. We had dinner, drinks, things went well and when we went back to my place, I knew we were headed towards the sack (the progression from weeks past left nothing else to explore except sex). As usual, I told her to make herself comfortable, then I immediately excused myself and took 20mg of levitra in the restroom.

Okay... so I know the stuff is suppose to take 30 minutes to an hour to kick in, but, uhh... no; at least, not for me. Perhaps I was over excited that the day finally came to complete my experiment, who knows...

In any event, about 10 minutes after taking the pills, she sparked up a conversation, using mild innuendo here and there and that was enough to cause a noticeable bulge going on under my jeans. From that point we began making out and fooling around. I have to admit, I felt a bit light headed, and my vision was a liiiiiiiiiitle foggy, nothing too crazy, but clearly I was under the influence of something.

Fast forward to the bedroom. Nothing out of the ordinary at first; things were functioning great; she was enjoying herself as was I, then it hit me: I really need to turn up the heat and see what I can do on this stuff. Again, this was the first time we've ever had sex - so I had to let her know I meant business. It got totally rockstar up in there.

See, the thing is gentlemen, you can climax if you like, but guess what...? from a functionality standpoint, you're still ready to rock, and that's exactly what happened. Needless to say this is the part that really got me excited (as I don't think she reached orgasm at that point). I simply switched condoms and the war raged on.

Now here's the coolest part: she knew that I climaxed already, so when I almost immediately came back for more, she was stunned. The look on her face was like, wow, who is this guy??

So turning things off was difficult, but only when in a sexual environment. We had sex for about 2 hours, back to back - round 1 was maybe 30 minutes (wasn't really keeping track), but the second set was definitely longer. I assume she climaxed somewhere between screams. If she wasn't faking those screams, I'm certain she climaxed.

Afterward we held each other, talked a bit and eventually we got dressed. Interestingly enough, as I walked across the room to grab my clothes, guess what? Yeah, I was still pitching a tent. I had to put my underwear on in a way that "restrained myself" so that I wouldn't look crazy as I walked her to her car.

Fortunately it didn't come to that. Like I said earlier, outside of a sexually charged environment, things fall back to normal; at least down there.

Anyway, the date ended and I was a stud. Could I have been a stud w/o the pills? Well, I would have been good, sure; but I wouldn't have been able to get busy back-to-back and I doubt she would have reached climax through penetration only.

About an hour after things were all said and done, I did experience a bit of a headache. Nothing major, but certainly sort of annoying. It's listed as one of the drugs side effects. blah.

Would I do it again? I sure would, only if it was a first time having sex thing. Maybe there's a bit of the placebo effect worked in to the experience, but after taking it you just feel like you're going to rock her socks off. Maybe it's not so much the pills, as it is your attitude going into things. Either way, the pills definitely created a situation where we could have kept things going for longer than we did, no problem.

This is why I would use them again for first time sex. First time sex are the try outs for future sex. In this man's humble opinion, if you rock her socks THE FIRST TIME, then you're in. I believe this worked well for me tonight.

I'm putting the rest of these babies away until the next girl friend.


Hadassah said...

I don't even know what to say about this guy and maybe I shouldn't comment at all, but since he felt the need to share this it's my responsibility as a woman to respond. First of all, this guy seemed more excited about his "experiment" than the woman. To each his own, but seriously dude should've just 1.) taken the Levitra, 2.) measured his penis, 3.) jacked off, 4.) timed his refractory period and repeated steps 2-3 as many times as possible while taking detailed notes. That would've been a better Secondly, and this is just my belief, at 27 there is no need to enhance anything that is not in need of enhancements especially when it involves the use of drugs that can cause more harm than good. And last but not least. I think this guy's experiment will have the opposite effect and literally leave him falling flat. He says he will only use this for first time sex to "rock her socks off" well what happens the second, third, tenth, etc... time when he can only go for 2 rounds with extended libido lowering breaks in between. That's sure to leave his girl disappointed and thinking "what happened?" So it turns out this dude does not have the "PQ Move of the Week" he has the "Dumbest Man Move of the Week".

Samson said...

Lol. He went deeper into it in the thread, and since pretty much everyone had the same type of response, I'll link you to it:

Hadassah said...

Great thread and they brought up some points that I didn't even think to mention.

Contrary to what some may believe, a man will not totally be out of the game with a bad performance the first time. Think about it, if the sex is in the context of a relationship, then just like the other aspects of the relationship, it will take some time to get to know each other and become each other's sexual rock star. In terms of sexual competition, the winner may not go the longest, or get her to climax, but will most likely have the better overall performance and not leave her in agonizing pain.

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