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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sexual Partners: The Numbers Game

By Judah
I was hanging out with a friend over the weekend and we ended up at a bar as we usually do. While under the influence we talk about a variety of topics but this time it was gear towards women. Nothing can compare to a woman in a man’s world. At the end of the day it all comes down to women. From their hair, lips, shape, bust, waste, thighs, legs, and eyes. Man was made in the image of God, but woman were made in the image of man’s desires.

Anyways, as we were talking the subject of sexual partners came up and it was an intriguing conversation. Such a great dialogue, even my favorite bartender Victoria had to enlighten us with her two ( All puns intended)

I think the average person has their first sexual encounter around the age of 17-20. Some of us start a little early around the age of 15 and some of us start a little later around the age of 25. This post is for those to started in the medium which is about 17.

The debate we had at the bar under countless shots of liquor consisted of the following questions:

How many sexual partners is a conservative number and how many is too much for a woman to have?

Would you be cool if the woman you are seeing told you see was involved with a train or 3some?

These are some pretty interesting questions to say the least. I personally think it has to do more with age. If I am talking to a 40 year old woman and she throws a number like 50 at me, I can’t be too shocked or turned off. So let’s say she starts at 20 years of age and she has two a year. That is about 40 partners plus 10 which is totally understandable. She dated or felt compelled to trip and fall on 2 dicks per year. Now if I am dating a 30 year old woman and she throws out the same number with the same stats I can make the same argument. Instead of 2 per year she tripped on 5 per year. It’s very have to be comfortable with the results and be secure within your own manhood.

Don’t ask the questions you do not want the answers to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side Note: Women are human being just like men...Stop putting Pussy on a Pedestal. Women have wants and desire just like men..The only difference is that men are more likely to act of them and it’s hypocritical to frown on a woman who acts on her desires.

Now we get to the train...I think the issue gets a little more black and white when it comes to a 3some. If a girl had a fantasy from which she wanted to double dick clutch and she lived it out, I think it is cool. I prefer not to have a woman like that but like I said before they are human too.
Now multiple double dick clutching on a casual basis is a no go...That is hoe status.

Definition of a Hoe:

Jumps on multiple dicks on a normal fluid basis with a dash of gold digger all rolled up in one.

Personally I think all of this is subjective but I think the easiest way to look for a solution is to look within yourself. I had a great time in college and I met a number of woman. I know that I wouldn’t want a woman of serious interest to pick apart my dating history or judge me based on what I did in my past. It is good to understand a person’s history but people can change and that is what is great about life. Besides.....if your woman has a big number look at it as practice and know that her technique and experience will be all yours. I think men try to find a balance between a good girl and a bad girl...The whole lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets ideal.


Anonymous said...

mmmm 2 stic's per year for 20 years also may signify inability to sustain relations. On to the matter at hand of male/females ... a wise man once said, "a key that can unlock many locks is a master key, but a lock that can be unlocked by many keys is broken"

Anonymous said...

I get what you are saying...and I dig the quote. But my issue is that the quote is a very immature way of thinking. Is it impossible for a woman to see a man she is physically attracted to and not want a sample...even if it is just a sample. I had a friend who is a real good woman. She sampled a bit and really enjoyed her life. One day she met a man with the "master" key and now she is a great house wife. She wasnt a hoe or anything but she liked men as most women do....Purity is a nice thought but its not realistic. You test out what you like until you find someone that you can connect with on multiple levels. But the 20 years thing was just an It might have taken 50 to find the one that had the best Thanks for your comment.

Samson said...

I'm still not sure what my limit is, though I'm sure I have one. I'm all for the double standard being in my favor, so right or wrong I'd have to have a woman whose numbers are less than mine. Both of ya'll make good points.

Being too promiscuous may speak to bigger issues. Or it may mean she knows what she wants. Being too liberal with the numbers may mean you're with a woman who is sexually comfortable, or it could mean you're with the neighborhood hoe.

The way I look at it these days is that you have to take situations on a case by case basis. A woman getting with 2+ dudes a year may very well mean inability to keep a relationship... But what if that's not what she's looking for? If I'm doing the same, which for a dude, let's be honest, those are conservative numbers, does that mean I can't keep a relationship? No, it means I know what I'm doing and am having fun without worrying about a relationship.

That goes hand in hand with something Judah points out often, putting the pussy on a pedestal. Why should I automatically assume a woman doesn't know what she's doing and that she's broken or unable to keep a man when she could just very well be doing her? It doesn't make it right, but women get urges too so we can't always assume that she's not in control of what she's doing.

With all that said, I still prefer her numbers to be relatively low, I mean for whatever reason it does look a little worse in my eyes if a woman is slutting it up. Not that it makes her a worst person than me, but like I said, I'd rather be the one with the vices/baggage, lol.

Tank said...

With your last paragraph Ol' Samson I think you cosign with my thoughts on the masterkey/broken lock quote. I'm a little drawn back by your implication that "women get urges too" I think ability to control urges is what makes the cream rise to the top

Anonymous said...

@Tank Self control is a powerful thing.....I personally want a woman to have a strong mind. We can all agree that no man wants a loose woman as his mate..but this post was more of a self assessment or taking inventory of a man's past. Yes, all factor are important but even if you are dating a woman who slept with 20 men...She told you the truth. Are you going to tell her about how you cheated on every girlfriend? Not saying you did but like the the girl with 50 "sticks"..its just an example. I get hot and bothered looking at a nice pair of legs. I'm sure that my match would have the same feeling at looking at a good stick or We don't want to shatter the glass house. But like I said we have to stop putting women on a pedestal...A human is a human regardless of sex. The perception of purity is more important than the actual purity for most men...I'm not one of those men though..I am a realist. Thank you for your comment.

Samson said...

@Tank Yeah, like I said, both you guys made good points. And I agree on the ability to control urges. I made my comment in the vein that we can have our preferences but it's not honest to paint it in a different light based on sex.

If I decide to slut it up and run through a sorority house that's my prerogative, and I did it because I'm living life. I wouldn't be with a woman who did the same, but I'd be honest enough with myself to say that though I did that, I don't want someone who did as much dirt as me. I'd gladly tell her I'm excercising my double standard card. To overanalyze it and get into her ability to keep relationships and all that other stuff (which may very well be true) is just prettying up the fact that she had more dicks than you're comfortable with.

By that same token, if I sleep with a bunch of women in a short time it doesn't mean that I'm mentally broken or unstable, I was just having fun. So I'd be honest and say that instead of using the master key scenario and saying "Oh, but it's different when I do it."

So I agree with the fact that I prefer somewhat to live by that double standard, our point of disagreement is that I'm not trying to rationalize it. I'd be wrong to slut it just like a woman would be wrong to slut it up. So if I want a woman with low numbers that's my right, but I'd make sure I lay that preference out there without justifying what I did.

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