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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conquer life, conquer the Vajayjay

By Samson
Males are born with the insatiable desire to conquer things... It's just in us. Whether it's sports, business, goals, or women--this testosterone driven desire to "own" something makes us who we are. In earlier times, you had the kill of the day to squelsh this hunger to dominate.

We've evolved, but this need is still ingrained in us and manifests itself in projects and goals--fixing your car, toying with your motorcycle, going to the gun range, getting that promotion, making a killing off of a hot investment, etc. Not only do these conquests make you a better, more well-rounded person, they're necessary for fostering and KEEPING attraction during the human mating process. It's been scientifically proven that the go-getter with various projects to take on is likely to have higher testosterone levels than the guy who's content living in his mother's basement and playing Madden for hours.

Can you still get women and have a relationship living like the second guy? Sure. Can you get quality women by living like that guy? Debatable.

This isn't to say you have to walk around in Armani suits acting like you're living like an Entourage character, but it does mean that tapping into that innate manly need to go conquer the hell out of something is as important today as it was in the hunter-gatherer days. When you strip ANY aspect of dating and sex down to a pure survival level, you get this; Man (provider, protector, leader, backbone), Woman (nurturer, supporter, caretaker), etc. Displays that shows these traits will attract you to one another.

The guy with his stuff together and a clear vision shows the qualities of a protector and a leader. The woman that can cook and carry fabulous conversations with you shows that she can nourish the household and provide a place of comfort for her man when he comes home.

If you want to elevate your PQ, BE this guy, don't act like this guy. Show some interest in yourself. Make sure you're on your A-Game professionally and carve out clear visions for where you see your life going. Embrace your hobbies, not just the fun ones, but activities that are useful life skills. Becoming a better man, and having the drive to continuously conquer and improve is guaranteed PQ. And you won't have to walk around with a list of certifications or things you just accomplished, women will smell it on you.

They're very perceptive and can sniff out the weak man with no vision and that can't protect them. It's sexually attractive because sex is how we keep the population going on Earth, and showing these basic evolutionary traits (survival of the fittest) makes you the perfect suitor for a woman to want to mate with.

A woman said it herself in a song some years back, "Ambition makes me so horny..."

Go out and be a man and conquer the hell out of something.


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