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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't be afraid of your woman

By Samson
It's better to speak your mind and agree to disagree than to be her little "yes man."

Don't pick fights, but if you have an opinion, SPEAK ON IT. The last thing you want to do is be the guy who does everything in his power to avoid conflict--all this will do is make her resent you. It's like you're afraid of her. In her mind she thinks, "If he's afraid of me, or can't handle me, how can he protect me from anything?"

When it gets to this point your woman will start picking at you and testing you to see how you respond. That's a bad place to be in. A little healthy conflict means there is energy in your relationship. Energy can be a good thing depending on how you use it. Judah touched on this a little earlier with: Let's Build: The flow of energy.

Standing your ground in the midst of conflict can create admiration, because she knows you're not a punk. That energy from the conflict, mixed with admiration, or PQ, can lead to, you guessed it, make up sex.

Now bad energy can screw you over in a relationship if you let the balance fall out of whack. I'll touch on that in a post tomorrow. Til then, ya'll be good.


Hadassah said...

You're right having a man that is afraid of conflict will have me question his ability to protect me. I also agree with Donald, a man has already failed if I feel the need to test him. But more importantly is the possibility that he doesn't trust me enough to be his true self around me. Then I have to ask myself "Is what he is not saying more revealing than what he is saying and will I like the unrevealed man"...

Men don't be afraid of your woman, but also don't be afraid to be your true self around your woman. If she doesn't like the true man, then she is not the woman you need to be with.

Anonymous said...

Good post Samson. I've added you to my blogroll.

Samson said...

@Hadassah Yep, even the strongest, most independent woman wants a man who has a backbone. Some may try to do it, but no woman REALLY wants a man she can run all over.

@Joe Thanks bro. I'll do the same when I get my blogroll set up.

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