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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't Get too close Man

By Judah

One of my rituals on Thursday nights is to hit up Wawa around 1 a.m.  It’s never really planned, but something that just happens. They got some banging subs and it just so happens I don’t realize this until Thursday rolls through.  

So one particular Thursday night, I print out the receipt of my custom made sub, grab my vitamin water (It’s 50) and go in line to pay for my late night cravings. It just so happens that I stand behind a girl and her boyfriend on the other side of her.

I’m a guy. I noticed the chick when I was customizing my sandwich 20 feet away.  Before I even got to the line I determined she was OK, but nobody worthy of me going for the W, at least not at 1 a.m.  She was wearing booty shorts and a tank top.  Now from a far angle she looked good--but we haven't gotten to her face yet.  Lets just say in judging the whole package, she was average.

Her boyfriend noticed that there is a man behind her and takes the initiative to get between us.  Now I’m cool with this because I realize this man has control and insecurity issues based upon his body movements.  He felt like he has to protect what is his. I understand and respect that, but as I stated before, the majority of what he does NOT say speaks the loudest. Women do not want men who cling.  An air of confidence goes a long way.  

This is where he failed miserably. The guy does get in between me and his lady but closer to me than her, which caused me to react.  

I am not a big fan of people or strangers that push the personal boundaries of space.  Unless you are a lady and I’m giving you signs of “act right” there is no gray area. I like my personal space.

So I was forced to check him in a sense.  After he was done moving and altering his position, I excepted him to give me eye contact before he started talking to his lady again--and he did.

I looked him square in his eyes and said, “ You good man.”.

Now I didn't say this with a smile on my face or with a humble bone in my body.  I said this with intent not only to intimidate, but to let him know I needed my space and he was doing a bitch move. This wasn't a little dude either.  It is quite possible that this display of ego would have ended up in us scraping.  It’s unlikely, but these things happen all the time.  

The guy gave me a look of confusion at first but when he took two steps closer to his girl he realized he was too damn close to me.  At 1 in the morning, he should be comfortable with the status of his lady, and that has nothing to do with her and more to do with him internally.  Also, when you attempt to prove dominance to a total stranger it may not work out so well when you’re emotionally involved. ... especially at 1 a.m.


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