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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Be 2 Sides

By Judah

The human experience is so fascinating to me. I love not only to experience life by meeting different people, opening myself up to different ways of thinking, traveling, or simply just trying something new. I also enjoy observing other’s behavior, attraction, hate, love, fear, and everything in between.

When we first started this blog I traveled about 3 hours to Samson’s house to lay the ground work on what we all know as 2 Cent Tab. When I walked into his home we shared a hand shake as brothers do and started right off having a discussion.

We didn’t start off talking about the blog but more so spoke on a variety of issues. Whenever we meet up we usually start off with a conversation on world events, politics, religion, and the all so interesting topic of knowledge of self.


Knowledge of Self: Inherent information about one’s self, with respect to his place in the universe. We all have a degree of knowledge of self; some more than others. Within these varying degrees we have an idea about the true nature of how we should live.

Anyways, these conversations can last for hours. The purpose for these discussions are not to be overly philosophical but to simply share information. We don’t see each other often so when we get up we regurgitate everything we have learned and experienced.

But there must be two sides. As much as I enjoyed the deep conversations I have with Samson, I equally enjoyed cutting up and acting a fool. That night we went out to the bar and started to wild out. I thoroughly enjoy having a drink with a good friend in the presence of beautiful women. When I go out with friends, be it at a club or a bar, I am not interested in hearing introspective music, but I would like to hear some Waka Flocka or Gucci Mane.

For example:

Yes, I believe we are made in the image of God and that comes with GREAT responsibility, but as humans less than God, we have animal instincts. Why do I like a fat ass? I couldn’t tell you. ( Not fat a chick..but a nice well proportioned ass.)

I have been in situations in school from which I would go to these parties and cut up and have a really good time. For example, one semester I did a lot of partying and it was epic. The next semester I had a philosophy class in which some people recognized me. In this class the teacher likes a good debate, so of course I went in! The girls that recognized me couldn’t believe I was the same person taking keg shots and getting lifted. Of course I used that to my advantage--but that’s another story... But in this case there must be two sides....Sometimes I feel like I am Malcolm X... Sometimes I feel like I am Gucci Mane.


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