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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mood Music Moments: Party Life

It was knew it. Only a matter of time before the greatest MC of all time graced his presence in Mood Music Moments.

Regardless of circumstance Jay-z is the most consistent rapper of all time. Jay-z is 12 plus albums in the game and still is producing heat. Jay-z's work ethic is the total embodiment of mastering a craft.

Today we have a cut from the album American Gangster. Party Life is a grown and sexy record with an R&B touch. I can appreciate Jay-z due to the fact that as he grows as an artist I have had the pleasure of growing with him. The older you become the more experiences and situations mold your perspective. At one point he was rapping about guns, coke, weed, and hoes. Now at this stage of his life he has calmed down a bit and is now rapping about things relevant to his life.

This track is about confidence. You control how your universe views you. If you want people within your environment to respond to you, one must project the desired energy.


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