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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Only women are allowed to be indecisive

If you're a halfway decent guy, you've been in a position where a woman has deferred to you our sought your opinion or guidance on a particular matter. In the scope of a relationship, these decisions serve a greater purpose than just getting something done or offering an opinion, they're essential building blocks to establishing and maintaining PQ.

If your girlfriend or wife has ever asked for your opinion on something with big, semi-dialated eyes, frozen in place awaiting the pearls of wisdom that will surely sprout from your mouth, and you just shrugged and said "I don't know" or "That's a tough one. What do you think?"--congratulations, you failed miserably. Stay on the line to collect your prize of being an unopinionated chump with a lack of direction. That's harsh, but in those moments, she's placing high value on your thought process as the man of the house/relationship, so it's important that you show her what you're made of.

This doesn't mean every single time she asks you a question the fate of your relationship hangs in the balance... But when these "Lead me please" moments occur, it's important to step up to the plate.

Women are naturally submissive. If you have faith in an Abrahamic religion, the reason for women's submission may be because Eve bit the apple. If you're a pragmatist, you may say this reason lies in the way women have been socialized in society. No matter how you slice it, the most powerful, educated woman wants a man to take control in certain situations and is often happy to defer to her mate in certain situations. It's the reason they want to get rich but still have a man that can take care of them (not just talking financial). It's the reason moms all over tell their kids to "Ask your dad," in situations where a request may not jibe with the rules of the household. It's certainly not because men are smarter than women; females have increasingly proven themselves to be quick learners in the classroom and attend college at a drastically higher rate than their male counterparts. It's simply nature.

So in essence, calling shots is a way to build attraction in the eyes of your woman. It's what she wants you to do, and she takes joy in fulfilling her role while allowing you to fulfill yours. If you strip away the clothes, perfumes, material items and "'game", just having an environment where a man is being a "man" and a woman is being a "woman" is enough to build sexual attraction and tension. Even though you're just living your life, it's almost as if you're characters in a play, playing out your roles until the exciting conclusion. Fulfilling these roles on a consistent basis is an act of foreplay.

Picture this. You get home from work, decked out in your business clothes and toss your stuff aside [+PQ, man points for your Alpha male clothes and a succesful day at work]. Your wife got off a little earlier than you and is just relaxing, reading a book, watching TV whatever. You give her a quick kiss and ask her how her day was. She tells you, but something is on her mind. She's indecisive on something and wants your opinion. It's one of those wide-eyed, "I really want to know what you think" moments (see above).

You, (decked out in your Alpha man gear of course) answer the question authoratively, making sure not to give wishy washy answers. Even if parts of the answer aren't something she would totally agree with, you give your opinion, allowing her to use it how she will. She values and respects your answer [+PQ]. She respects your opinion and shows that you helped her out, and compliments you on your insight [+Woman points, hey we all need ego boosts, right?]. Another quick kiss, and you playfully demand some type of dinner. "How bout steak?", "You can repay me by feeding me," ... whatever. She complies. [+PQ, playfulness, making a request like a man instead of asking like a child].

You head off to change out of your work clothes as she goes to the kitchen to start preparing something [+Woman points. Men and women can be equally good cooks, but cooking something for a man is a gesture]. You come out as she's cooking (in your boxers) and pull the move every married/man living with his woman NEEDS to know... You come up behind her while she's cooking and press yourself against her, give her a few soft kisses on the neck and cheek, and (with some bass on your voice) say something along the lines of "Man, this smells good....", followed by another kiss if you'd like. [+++++++++PQ!!!!!!! You're not complimenting the food, you're really complimenting her worth as a woman] and [+Woman points, she's showing some ability and is doing a good job of preparing something nourishing for you, her man].
You give her a swift, playful smack her on the butt [+PQ, another very important man move, flirtatious, establishes dominance and is playful] and go about your business. [+PQ for going about your business, not smothering her and giving space to allow the tension to build]. A delicious dinner, some wine perhaps, and some laughs later, how do you think the night will end?

You didn't spend a bunch of money. You didn't wine and dine her with flowers or candy. You established yourself as a man by giving an honest answer, and built on it. All the extracuriccular is nice, but when in doubt, be a man and the rest will follow.


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