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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samson's Turn On's/Turn Off's: Potty mouthed women

Turn On:

A woman who curses sparingly, but uses great timing and placement whenever she feels the need to. Could be a joke, could be a moment of anger, could be when it's "business time," but certain scenarios make it appealing. I don't know why, but a woman who has a normally clean mouth that suddenly turns into a potty mouth every now and then can be the sexiest thing in the world. I know, I'm weird.

Turn Off:

A woman who curses like a sailor for no rhyme and reason. Now I'm no prude, it doesn't offend me if a woman curses a lot, it doesn't turn me off. But if it reaches the level where it sounds like she's trying to curse, of if every other word out of her mouth is profanity, that ain't sexy... ESPECIALLY when you can just tell that it's not "her" (you can always tell).

The best example of overdoing it I can think of happened a few years ago when I was in Baltimore for the weekend for a seminar. I was talking to a female colleague who happened to be light skinned. She was black, but could have passed for hispanic or another ethnicity. I don't know how we got on that topic, but she mentioned that she has a good mix of ethnicities in her family tree, hence her somewhat racially ambiguous appearance. But that's not how she said it.... THIS is exactly how she said it:

"I got a lot of shit in my ass!"

That's right... Not, "I have a good ethnic mix in my bloodline," or even "I'm mixed with a lot." No... I got a lot of SHIT... in my ASS.

When I couldn't stop laughing she had no idea what was so funny. And that's the point. When you curse THAT much, you're desensitized to the point that you don't even realize that you may be saying something you don't mean to say.


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