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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mood Music Moment: U know whats up

We have been a little M.I.A with the blog the last few weeks so I thought I might update you on whats going on in my life and give you some Mood Music while I am at it.
This weeks Mood Music Moment cut is brought to you by Donell Jones from his second album Where I Wanna Be. The song U Know Whats Up is a classic record with vocals by Donell and co-written by Anthony Hamilton. The song is about coming across a female that you are drawn to without question.
I was recently exposed a young lady about a week ago I didn’t expect to meet. Basically I connected with her on a mental level that I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing in quiet some time.
I have written many a post about the interactions between man and woman. In these post I argue that man and woman can not be friends. I implore readers not to get caught up in being friends with a woman and to make your intentions known. I have abandoned this thought process in this I’m going to write about this in more detail later but for the moment enjoy the Mood Music.


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