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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mood Music Moments: King of R&B!

By Judah
Anyone who really knows me will tell you how much I love New Jack Swing, Bobby Brown, Bell Biv Devo, New Edition, Another Bad Creation, Boyz II Men (before they went soft) and the movement as a whole. New Edition was Wu-Tang or Dip Set before having a crew was even thought of. Every member of New Edition or it’s affiliates all found success. Just to make it clear...they were the first artist singing on rap beats way before anyone else. Before there was an Usher, Trey Songz and Chris Breezy.....there was BOBBY BROWN. They all say they were inspired by Michael Jackson but they know in their hearts those pelvic thrust come from Bobby B.

This week’s Mood Music Moment is by Bobby Brown...the king of R& This is another song written by Babyface. In my honest opinion there are two songwriters that matter in the last 100 years. One is Smokey Robinson and the other is Babyface. Don’t Be Cruel is the title track from his second album again titled Don’t Be Cruel.


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